Old Dog Custom Wood Putters

There is nothing like using a wood putter. The feel and the sound of ball coming off the wood putter is second to none

Old Dog Custom Wood Putters guarantees that the putter you choose will be perfectly aligned with a “sweet spot” that will have you rolling putts in, in no time.

These putters are roughly 4” wide by 3 1/2” deep. 80% of the head weight is within an area approximately 2” square, dead center in the putter head. The weight distribution in our putter head creates a “sweet spot” that is two inches wide on the face of the head.

The diameter of a golf ball is 1.68 inches, therefore making it almost impossible to miss the sweet spot when you swing your putter. Each Old Dog Wooden Putter is designed so the golf ball only comes in contact with the end grain of the hardwood used. The strike of the ball on the end grain gives it a rich sound and true path.

This is my Old Dog Custom Wood Putter. It is made by two perfectionists who deliver quality craftsmanship. The putter is consistent with a smooth balanced feel that is soft, yet solid, even on off-center hits.

Custom Wood Putter Testimonial from Harry

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